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CnH2n-4CL6 (n-10 TO 15)
CAS No 85535-85-9
Appearance White to Pale yellow viscous liquid
Chlorine Content 52% ± 2
Paraffin Range C14 - C17
pH 6.0 - 6.5
Sp. Gravity at 27 ˚C 1.270 ± 0.02
Viscosity at 27 ˚C (poise) 18 ± 6
Color (HU) Max 100
Heat Stability at 180 ˚C for Color turns to dark yellow / 1 Hr. Color turns to dark yellow / Brown
Volatile loss (% Max) 2.5% (at 180 ˚C / 4 Hrs.)
Refractive Index at 27 ˚C 1.506 ± 0.002
Free mineral Acidity 0.001%
Packing 250/265 Kgs New HDPE Drums
  20 ft. Flexi-Tanks
  1200 kg HDPE IBCs
  20 ft. ISO Tanks
Sector Pattern Of use
Secondary Plasticizer Used as a secondary plasticizer in PVC Resins, Plasticizers Extender in synthetic rubber, Chlorinated rubber, Nitrocellulose polystyrene etc.
Plastic and rubber Ind. An indispensable compound for rubber and plastic industries in the manufacturer of PVC gardening and industrial hoses, Rubber belt, Cable, Compound etc.
Paint For the manufacturer of Fire proof Paint
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