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The chemical belt of Gujarat witnessed the birth of Goyal Group of Industries in 1977 which started as a small Plasticizer unit at Nandesari, near the Industrial town of Vadodara.
Today it has evolved into one of India's leading manufacturer of Chlorination and Nitration processed Products.
An emerging leader in the chemical market horizon, the group manufactures and exports dyes intermediates, chlorinated Aromatic compounds and Nitro chloro Aromatic compounds, with an annual turnover of more than USD 130 million.
The proximity to Chloro alkali plants & advantage of this lead to its foundation in 1999 in Jhagadia to manufacture Chlorinated Aromatic compounds by having Chlorine through pipeline from adjacent Chloro alkali plant.
2002 saw the commissioning of a Nitro compounds manufacturing unit in Nandesari for its forward integration plans. This also gave the benefit of getting common effluent treatment plant facilities developed by the industries association there.
In 2009, as a part of forward integration Hydrogenation facility for producing value added Benzene and Toluene base derivatives at Jhagadia is commissioned.
With a spotlight on export market potential, Kutch Chemical Industries Ltd. was founded in 2004 near the global, all-weather ports of Kandla & Mundra. It consists of a well integrated chemical complex consisting of Chlorination, Nitration, Sulphonation and Dye Intermediate products.
In 2006, as a part of its backward integration plan, M/s. Kutch Chemical Industries Ltd. has set up a 400 MT/day of sulphuric acid plant at Gandhidham.
In 2008, as a part of its expansion plan, M/s. Kutch Chemical Industries Ltd. has doubled their capacity of Vinyl Sulphone plant from 12,000 MTPA to 24,000 MTPA.
Through Focused Quality & Services
India's Single largest Vinyl Sulphone (Para base Ester) manufacturing plant in Gandhidham (Kutch).
Fully backward integrated Vinyl Sulphone (Para base Ester) plant made up of Acetanilide flakes, Sodium Bi-Sulphite [SBS], Chloro Sulphonic Acid SO3 & Ice plant for continuous availability of crucial raw materials & sustained production of Vinyl Sulphone.
Focus on export market potential & proximity advantage to global ports like Kandla & Mundra for Gandhidham plant.
"Zero effluent" discharge unit rating for Jhagadia & Gandhidham manufacturing plants.
Good QC system and all products are ISO 9001 :2000, ISO 14001: 2004 & OHSAS 18001: 1999 certification.
Closeness to nearby Chloro Alkali plants ensure Chlorine and Hydrogen supply through pipeline for Jhagadia unit.
Captive power generation unit for un-interrupted & quality power for all manufacturing units.
We are working on backward integration for Nitric Acid Plant/ Sulphuric Acid Plant as well as for expanding our existing capacities.
We have already gone ahead for CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM (CDM) project at Kutch Chemical and Panoli Intermediate with the help of M/s. Deloitte Touche.
Goyal Group continuously strives for a clean & green environment. Our units comply with State Pollution Control Board. Hydrochloric Acid which is generated as a by-product is captivity used to produce Chloro Siphoned Acid & the spent Sulphuric Acid is used by nearby fertilizer industry for Single Super Phosphate manufacturing.
The Jhagadia & Gandhidham plants have "Zero effluent" discharge units rating. The Nandesari facility treats Effluents before sending them to the Industry Association’s Common Effluent Treatment Plant.
A Natural Gas Power plant & vapor absorption system is setup to recover the heat coming from exhaust flue gas & this recovered energy meets the needs of Chilling plant.
Advanced technology is deployed to produce more steam than known methods during production of Sulphuric Acid at Kutch Chemical Industries Ltd. This steam is used for power generation.
As a commitment towards clean energy, Wind mills of Four Megawatt are been installed.
Our priority to strict global quality norms has led to Dye Intermediates and Chloro benzene & other products being accepted world-wide and a proud place in top industrial countries like USA, Brazil, China, Korea, Taiwan, Nigeria, South Africa to name a few. Export operations are handled with great efficiency by our New Delhi, Mumbai & Baroda offices.
All manufacturing units have dedicated Quality Control labs equipped with advanced testing facilities. Kutch Chemical Industries Ltd. and Panoli Intermediates [India] Pvt. Ltd. are accredited with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:1999 certification for their products.
Leading manufacturers and exporters of Dye Intermediate, Industrial Chemicals, Chlorobenzene & Derivatives.
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