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The SLG Group of Industries firmly believes in the philosophy that Today's Children is Tomorrow's Man'. With this belief, SLG Group of Industries marches forward towards providing as much as support as possible towards the development of capabilities of the underprivileged children. The SLG Group of industries is a keen promoter of financing education and other assistance related to the same, to serve the purpose.

Besides, SLG Group of Industries is also a strong supporter of religion and spiritualism and hence contributes to charitable trusts and temples.

The Group also actively supports various social and cultural programs by well-known trusts, NGO's and local communities to forge a healthy relationship with the neighboring industries and local communities.

SLG Group of Industries is also actively involved in various societal developmental activities with various organizations, such as International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISCON) , DISHA, TAMANA, Northern India Cultural Association (NICA) Jan Kalyan Sarvajanik Hospital Trust, Shree Mookambika Medicare Centre, Tamana Welfare Soc. Mental Hospital , Sh.Vallabhacharya Education Trust, Gujaral Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad, Vadodara Panjrapole, Baroda Metropolitan Jaycees and Lions Club of Gorwa (Baroda).



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