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Chlorinated Paraffin Oil (CPW)
Chloro Paraffin 45%
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Corporate Video
OLEUM - 65

Olieum - 65%

CAS No. 8014-95-7
Formula H2O7S2
Appereance Clear Colorlrss Liquid
Free Sulphur Trioxide 65 % Min
Residue On Ignition  0.20 % Max
Iron(as Fe) 0.05 % Max
Chlorides (as Cl) 0.02 % Max
Total Nitrogen (as HnoH3) 0.005 % Max
Sulphur Dioxide (as So2) 0.2 % Max
Arsenic (as As)  0.0005 % Max
Packing Tanker Load
End Use In Dye Intermediates
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